About Us

Exlterra recognizes how the growth of our civilization has put a great pressure on our environment causing an imbalance. Many of the systems used today that address environmental issues operate in ways that are unsustainable or result in unnecessary costs.

At Exlterra we invent better ways to combat major challenges affecting our environment and civilization. Our disruptive technologies generate significant economic, environmental, and social value.

Our first invention, patented since 2010, was the energy-passive groundwater recharge system. Thanks to its energy-passive, soil moisture management design, this product revolutionizes the way to address many water issues. In 2017, Exlterra will release an innovative and versatile drilling machine to accelerate the installation of this soil moisture management system and for other drilling applications.

Today, Exlterra is working on improving its existing technology while continuing to pursue new projects and ideas. It is in the DNA of Exlterra to invent and market powerful technologies.

We realize that the concept of a circular economy presents a unique opportunity to create greater value through our world’s finite resources, and we use innovation, technology, and experience to create reliable, long-lasting solutions to industry old problems.

The Team

Andrew Niemczyk

Chairman & CTO

Frank Muller


Denis Gobet

Vice-President International Markets

Robert Niemczyk

Engineering & Product Development

Patrick Niemczyk

Engineering & Product Development

Nathan Rose

Senior Project Manager