What does EGRP stand for?

EGRP stands for Energy-passive Groundwater Recharge Product.

How much does it cost to install the EGRP system?

The cost of an EGRP system depends on the problem to solve, the environment causing or aggravating that problem and the performance sought.  As the system is not intrusive, as its installation can accommodate the existing infrastructure, as it doesn’t require soil excavation and as it doesn’t need maintenance, the total cost of an EGRP installation may be considerably more reasonable than a traditional drainage system while its performance is significantly higher.

What is the cost of maintenance for an EGRP system?

Once installed, the EGRP system will work indefinitely with no additional cost and require zero maintenance.

How does the EGRP system work?

The EGRP system works by using fundamental physical properties of capillary action, water pressure, and soil moisture content in conjunction with how water interacts with soil to create a pathway for water molecules traveling through the soil.

How quickly does the EGRP system work?

Installation works are usually completed in a matter of days and, once the soil borings collapse around the EGRP units, the EGRP becomes increasingly acclimated and effective at managing soil moisture. This process can vary from 4 – 24 weeks depending on soil conditions, climate, and moisture conditions.  Once it is acclimated, the system works indefinitely without any further intervention or maintenance.

How long will the EGRP system work?

The EGRP will work continuously and indefinitely so long as there is no significant modification to the landscape (eg. excavation, construction).

Can you see the EGRP system from the surface?

Installation of EGRP leaves only tiny dark spots on the soil, which disappear in a few days. As the units are installed completely beneath the surface, they are invisible. In addition, contrary to traditional drainage, an EGRP system leaves absolutely no marks on sports fields.

Does the EGRP system perform the same in every type of soil?

The EGRP use fundamental physical properties of how water interacts with the soil to function, therefore EGRP is able to function in all types of soils. Its performance will vary depending on the soil type and condition and is particular striking in soils where natural drainage is originally poor.

Can the EGRP system work in conjunction with other stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP)?

The EGRP system can be used in conjunction with other stormwater management solutions. It can enhance performance and reduce maintenance. The performance is unique to each site and to each stormwater management solution.