EGRP Information


Smart Water Management

Human activities disturb the balance of water in the hydrologic cycle, causing more surface runoff and less infiltration.

Deforestation, irrigation and urbanization contribute to lower water table levels, reduced quality of groundwater, increased flooding, erosion, and pollution of our water.

Impervious soil layers restrict infiltration of water. This can cause the soil to become overly saturated, leading to poor vegetation growth and unstable ground. Around building foundations, saturated soils allow water to weep through concrete causing damage to health and property.

EGRP infiltrates water faster. It heals saturated and muddy soils.

EGRP protects leaking basements and keeps underground installations dry.

We invented EGRP to solve water problems like no other system could.

Improves Natural Infiltration Rates

Low Impact Design

Improves Moisture Content

Environmentally Friendly

“EGRP engineers the distribution of water molecules throughout the soil matrix to have a positive influence on surface and soil moisture conditions.”


– Professor Edwin E. Herricks
Professor Emeritus of Environmental Engineering, University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois, USA

EGRP as a System


The EGRP system is an engineered array of EGRP units. The system is designed to establish a vertical balance of soil moisture, allowing water to travel through the soil as needed.

The EGRP system uses fundamental physical principles such as capillary action, water pressure, and differences in soil moisture content, and is positioned strategically to restore and optimize rates of water infiltration and percolation through the soil.

EGRP System

(an array of units)

The EGRP system is installed in the ground and actively works together with natural forces to become a synergistic connection between soil layers.


Improves natural infiltration
Recharges groundwater
Rebalances water flow
Manages Soil Moisture Content
Mitigates Standing Water
Protects Underground Structures
Zero energy input
Long-lasting solution

“As an airport manager, I would recommend this product to any of my peers. This system if utilized at its maximum capability can be a tool that will reduce costs associated with operating an Airport, while increasing safety. ln addition to these reasons for purchasing the product, it is important to note that I was initially interested in the technology because it is totally green and recharges the ground water system, increasing the ability for human beings to have fresh clean water.”

-Jason K. Watt

Airport Director, Coleman A. Young International Airport, Detroit, Michigan, USA

“I am very pleased with both the installation of the EGRP system and its performance. The ground has become much less saturated. We have been able to mow Hole #3 much more consistently even after heavy rainfall. Even more important, I am very excited there is no required maintenance on the system as it appears to be getting better and better with time.


Thank you very much for delivering on every aspect of your commitment. Your EGRP technology has solved an 80 year old problem at our family golf course and we are so happy to endorse it to resolve any water infiltration problem at golf courses or fields.”


-Paul Beaupre

Owner, Plum Brook Golf Club, Sterling Heights, Michigan, USA


Standing Water / Runoff

Standing water not only prevents land use, but can become polluted, support insect life, and is generally unappealing.

The EGRP system accelerates infiltration, quickly solving the standing and runoff water issues naturally without adding strain to stormwater treatment facilities.

  • Lawns/Yards
  • Gardens
  • Parks
  • Golf Courses
  • Airports/Airfields

Drainage Problems

Failure of traditional drainage systems can lead to flooded fields or overflowing drainage swales. This can cause days of loss play or damage to roads and buildings.

EGRP improves drainage potential and increases soil’s ability to infiltrate and store water. This allows for more field time and prevents potentially serious damage.

  • Sports Fields
  • Swales
  • Drainage Ditches
  • Retention Ponds
  • Parking Lots

Foundation Issues

Moisture in foundations and basements can lead to significant health problems and cause damage to buildings.

The EGRP system balances moisture in the ground vertically as well as horizontally protecting foundations from moisture and water damage.

  • Humid Basements
  • Seasonal Basement Flooding
  • Basement Water Seepage
  • Moist Walls
  • Hydrostatic Pressure

Underground Structures

Underground piping and electric cables are frequently saturated with water, which may cause malfunction.

EGRP balances soil saturation and helps keep underground structures dry.

  • Cable Boxes
  • Manholes
  • Pipelines
  • Root Cellars


Each EGRP system is installed according to a custom engineered design created specifically to solve your water problem!




EGRP 5-Step system

1. Problem Identification

Customer identifies unwanted standing water and/or saturated soils that cause damage to their property or disruption to their commercial or recreational activities.

2. Site Investigation & Analysis

An analysis of the problem is conducted and an EGRP Installer gathers information about the site.

3. Engineering a Solution (Layout)

Using the information gathered, an engineered solution is designed.

4. Installation

The EGRP Installer marks the locations of EGRP units on the site and installs the system using a drill rig.

5. Acclimation & Results

The EGRP system responds to natural soil movements as the soil progressively collapses and compresses around the EGRP units.  The EGRP system equalizes moisture content throughout the soil.

Installation of the EGRP units is fast with the use of our specially designed drill rig.




After installation, only a few small dark circles are visible which disappear after a few days.