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Smart Water Management

An Exlterra invention to solve standing water and groundwater problems


Surface Water / Runoff
Drainage Problems
Foundation Issues
Underground Structures

Soil Benefits

Improves Natural Infiltration
Mitigates Standing Water
Recharges Groundwater
Manages Soil Moisture


Custom Solution
No Excavation
Fast Installation
Installed Underground

User Benefits

Energy Passive System
Maintenance Free
Minimal Soil Disturbance
Long-lasting Solution

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Recent News

Exlterra Breaks Ground In Japan

Exlterra installs the first ever Energy-passive Groundwater Recharge system in Japan We have successfully installed the first Energy-passive Groundwater Recharge system in Japan to address a standing water issue. The design has been oriented to...
September 21, 2017

What’s In A Name?

We are often asked, what is Exlterra? The name Exlterra (ex·l·terra) is derived from two words; excellence, because this is our disciplined approach in every field we move to; and terra, which is Latin for...
September 21, 2017

Introducing The Du-Wheel

Innovations and Patents We are proud to announce that Exlterra has been granted a patent for a new product which allows for improved stability and weight distribution of motor vehicles. We call it the “Du-Wheel”....
September 21, 2017