Exlterra is excited to announce it has secured yet another patent, this time for its revolutionary ultra-light drill rig. Developed over the last 2 years by Exlterra’s Chief Technology Officer Andrew Niemczyk and his team, this drill rig balances power, speed, reliability and safety.

  • The rig has concluded the 250 working hours test to our total satisfaction
  • It has been utilized during a heat wave, heavy rain, and wind gusts over 25 knots
  • It has operated on two continents, with more than 6 different operators
  • It excelled in narrow spaces, on hills, and through wet spots
  • It was also able to drill in various soil types, from loamy clay to limestone
  • Finally, it installed EGRP safely and at a rapid pace

The performance objectives have been met 100%. We are thrilled for this model to begin production this summer, and be available to customers later this year. A dedicated drill rig presentation is planned for later this year. Stay tuned!